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by L'État C'est Moi

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Last set ever!


released September 19, 2016


Mixed by Justin



all rights reserved


L'État C'est Moi Montreal, Québec


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Track Name: Simplicity

When I was younger shit was simpler, shit was harder, shit was complicated:
Fuck the world and everybody in it, check, but fuck this loneliness
Wanna change the world not watch it burn, or watch it burn and then
Transform it, fashion something not so stupid, not so fucking meaningless

When I was younger I was liberated, maybe, sure, but trapped:
Without the words to paint a picture of the cages in my head
And also terrified of seeing clearly, jesus what a mess
Much safer and less painful just to drown out all that loneliness.

No human being could connect with me like liquor could, I checked:
They're all so changeable and complicated, easily let down
And fucking cruel too, to boot, what's the matter with them
Me I had my two-four and my sack of weed, a break from being alone.
Track Name: Control

Just fuckin execute me now
Just fuckin put me in the ground
It's quicker and more honest that this totalized control
That kills us all the more completely cuz it's sneaky and it's slow
There's no gun to your head! there's just a cop inside your brain!
And it's the most advanced police state that the world has ever seen

Convince them that they're free
With ideology
And false democracy
They'll be their own police

But just in case they dont submit, surveil everything
Or brutalize their bodies, and colonize their brains
Or give em just enough to lose that they are grateful for their chains
And convince them there's no options but the market and the state
Track Name: Democracy

Butchers talk of human rights / The machine demands a sacrifice
So welcome to the marketplace / It's your turn to die today

“Democracy” is death / “Democracy” is suffering
Property is theft / It's there to keep you powerless

They wanna own your market
They wanna own your debt
They don't care what you want
No one gives a fuck

“Democracy” is a fraud / “Democracy” is code
They don't want you liberated / They want you controlled

Democracy is death, it means submit to Western capital
Or watch as NATO bombs your fuckin children from the sky
No one gives a fuck about the self-determination
of the global proletariat as long as they behave before they die
Track Name: Mesmerized

I hate all the noise in my head / I'm sickened by what I been fed
I hate my colonial soul / All twisted and warped from the cold
Forget all the code in your brain / It causes you nothing but pain
Ignore all the things you been told / All of us been bought and sold

Call me white, call me wicked, call me irredeemably fucked
Call me wrong, you're probably right, I'm mesmerized and I can't wake up
We're just bricks in their pyramid scheme
We're all cogs in their misery machine

We're not born, we're built / Raised on fear and guilt
Assembled and assigned / Made and mesmerized

Indoctrinated from birth / Unleashed on the suffering Earth
Raised in the cult of the dead / Our lives are just dreams we forget
Track Name: Freedom

I can't breath the air
Tear gas choking up downtown kilometres
Well I fuckin swear
As I stare down down all these officers
That when I'm out of here
I'll never let another pig talk down to me
I can't fuckin bear
Their robot babble adding insult to injury

I'm all riled up
For a second there I almost felt like we could make a difference
Cuz I forgot
To believe in real change you kind of have to be an idiot

They got all their bases covered
They got guns on everyone
We got our faces covered
But they got satellites and drones

What am I doing here
Sitting in a kettle waiting for the revolution
I can smell the fear
A sharp streak overlaying the pollution
They knew where we'd be
And they brought enough handcuffs for all of us
We're taught about freedom of speech
But talk is cheap and it's so fuckin obvious

I'm all fucked up
I never thought that I would ever end up being so cynical
But what the fuck
Am I supposed to do, we can never storm this citadel

They got it figured out
Extorting everyone
They really got it down
You don't like it you can tell it to the judge
They got it under control
They got dirt on everyone
From Montreal to the north fuckin pole, police
Track Name: Violence

Like cells in a body or bodies in cells
Slowly being shaped into shells of ourselves
Completely alone and surrounded by each other
United we suffocate, divided we suffer

We suffer violence from our isolation / Violence from addiction
Suffer violence from incarceration / Violence and oppression
Suffer violence on our bodies / Fucking violence on our voices
Yeah it's violence that we worship / In the violence of our choices
Violence x 8

It's violence in the schools and the streets and it's violence from the pigs
And it's violence so diluted we don't notice where the violence really is
It's violence in the actions that we take and the actions we endure
And it's violence so inherent we don't notice it until it's really pure

We suffer violence from assimilation / Violence from exclusion
Suffer violence when we're working / Fucking violence when we're using
Suffer violence when we're witness / To the violence of the system
Violence when we're speaking / Fucking violence when we listen
Track Name: Defeat

Coming apart at the seams / Inside there's something obscene

He fucks you but / He can't remember
Sucking on your tits like a pair of pacifiers
You're suckling deep male failure
Yeah he thinks he wants you but he wants his mother
Yeah he fucks you but you can't remember
Fucking in the dark in the middle of a bender
He said he loves you but he loves the bottle better

Counting out the days / Calculated pain
Drowning in the wake / Of the things we could not face

Cracking inside from the stress / Constantly sick and depressed
Defeated and fucked from the start / Watching it all fall apart

Our skins hold us in / But our wounds let us out
This gash in my face isn't making a sound

We despise our lives / Outside the womb, under the sky
We're still not acclimatized / To the violence of being alive

Salivating at the bell / I got poison in my cells
Consuming me, consuming me
I'm a drug-addicted rat / I just keep on coming back / Fucking pushing at the latch
To get my treat, to get my treat
Waiting for my taste of hell