Born Without Consent

by L'État C'est Moi

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"After an opening track that makes me think I'm listening to the second coming of INEPSY and the second that makes me think I just got an advance of the new LEFTOVER CRACK, suffice to say that I'm confused. But song after song, these Montreal creamers keep delivering, and everything is killer... crust'n'roll, catchy punk, in your face politics, gang vocals? It's all here, and it's all fukkn good too. Those first two impressions are still spot-on, so if you can paint a bridge between those two acts and have an anarchist circle pit in the middle? I'm just saying."

-- Maximum Rock n Roll, November 2015


From Montreal Rampage's list of best Montreal punk releases in 2015: "It doesn’t get any more political than L’Etat C’est Moi. Inspired by bands like Leftover Crack and A Global Threat, LCM isn’t afraid to raise the battle cry against homophobia, drug addiction and Quebec nationalism. It’s got everything you could hope for in an anarcho-punk band; speedy bass riffs, screeched political slogans and black-and-white album art similar to Crass."



"Throat-shredding hardcore punk reminiscent of Leftover Crack but even tougher. Where else but Montreal will you find punk rock sung in both French and English?'

--Chris Walter (Canadian punk rock historian, novelist and founder of the independent publishing company GFY Press)


"L'État C'est Moi features killer vocals sung in both English and French, buzzsaw guitars, pummeling basslines, and rapid-fire drumming. Born Without Consent is L'État C'est Moi's latest six song EP, which was self-released by the band on May 3rd, 2015. On Born Without Consent, L'État C'est Moi offer up six barn burning tracks of killer hardcore, punk, and crust. Overall, Born Without Consent is a really solid EP that's an absolute must listen for fans of Oiltanker, The Pist, and other like-minded bands. Great stuff! Enjoy!"



released May 3, 2015



all rights reserved


L'État C'est Moi Montreal, Québec


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Track Name: Born Without Consent
Testing the water
But I don't like the tide
I don't like to swim
But I do like to hide

Safe in my misery, alone in my hole
Ignorance is bliss and depression is gold, gold

I know a beer is all that gets me out of bed
I know I'm alive but I'd rather be dead
Cuz I was born without consent
Steady getting spanked by the Invisible Hand

Safe in my misery, alone in my jail
If at first you don't succeed, just continue to fail, fail, fail

My name is Anarchy and I'm an alcoholic
I talk of freedom, my dependence is chronic
I talk of struggle, what do I know
I can't even struggle out of bed on my own
I talk of revolution, when will I revolt
I can't buy my freedom with this liquor that I stole
Track Name: Bash Back
I wanna beat this fucking fascist til he's dead
I wanna beat this fucking fascist til he's dead

I wanna beat this fucking fascist til he's dead
Get some satisfaction, smash his Nazi head til it splashes fuckin red
Correct, I speak with passion and I stand by what I said
Fuck being a victim, I'm'a be a fucking threat

See you fuckin racists
Shaved heads, white face and laces
See you fuckin straight kids
Always beating on the fuckin gay kids
We won't take it, if you break it
Then you're gonna have to pay
And the rest of us
Are gonna have our fuckin day

Crucify you naked, invoke the name of Satan
Laugh as superstition sets your pseudo-Christian body shakin'
Call that partial payment for all those years of hatred
All those years of shame and blame and murder that your culture gave us

You liked that fuckin trend?
This is where it fuckin ends
Your authority is ripped to shreds
Red blood on the pavement
That's autonomy
You don't approve of sodomy?
Don't bother me
Unless you want a back-alley lobotomy

Riddle me this, why don't we fight with our fists?
Get 'em all and come back for what little we missed!
Track Name: Welcome The End
Geo-political tensions construct all our deaths
Racist mythologies cooked into sources of stress
Who are these leaders, yeah who are these shadowy scum
Playing their games, making pawns out of populations

Defending their fictions of money and debt
Forced acquiescence or prison or death
Maintaining their power no matter the cost
Ready to trigger the last holocaust
Final apocalypse
This is the cost of living

People are nothing in their calculations
Fuckin slated for slavery or extermination
They take more in an hour than you make in a year
They live in fortresses, we live in fear

Last holocaust, final apocalypse
This is the cost of living

Privatize everything without a care
Fuckin sell us the water, fuckin sell us the air
Perpetual poverty and permanent war
Murder the planet, fuckin pick at the sores

Goddess protect us, these men are fucking insane
They want to own everything, everyone, body and brain
How can we fight the apocalypse, this is the end
I welcome the end
Track Name: Sovereign Injustice
Sovereign borders and sovereign police
Sovereign reconstituted racist colony
Sovereign capital and sovereign debt
Sovereign injustice for a sovereign Quebec

Territoire occupée
Militaire en français
Un drapeau, une assemblé
Colonie souverain
Le business souverain
Le racisme souverain
L'injustice souveraine
Pour le Quebec souverain

Injustice (injustice)
Sovereign (souveraine)
Injustice (je me souviens)

Fier de ta patrie
Petite colonie
Tu veux ton propre pays
Mais y'a quelque chose que t'oublies
Ce pays n'est pas a toi
Tu veux un deuxième Canada
L'économie ca va aller, ouais
Si on continue à toute voler de ceux qui y habitaient déja

Injustice (injustice)
Sovereign (souveraine)
Injustice (je me souviens)

Injustice souveraine
Injustice souveraine

Ah ouais t'es tellement opprimé
Par la reine d'Angleterre
Ca doit être ben difficile
Faire partie d'la population française blanche majoritaire
Ton bras sait porter l'épée
Et il sait porter le croix
Ton histoire c't'une épopée d'exploitation
Et génocide des autochtones, gang de pas-brillants
Track Name: The Master's Tools
Use the master's tools to destroy the master's house
Use the master's gun to pistol-whip the master's mouth
Remove the title master and expropriate his wealth
Rebuild in the rubble and keep the bastard out

Cuz a bank can't own a fuckin forest
Anymore than I can own the sky
And capital can't be a fuckin person
Anymore than I can never die

And I'm gonna die, we're all gonna die
The only question is, by your hand or mine?

The master hired uniforms to man the institutions
That long ago monopolized all conflict resolution
But I don't like the way that all these conflicts get resolved
And I don't care at all about the sanctity of law
Fuck that
And fuck you

Cuz the state can't own my fuckin body
Unless that state is me
One place under the power of another
Is occupied and must be freed

Use the master's hammer and use the master's nails
To crucify the master, and burn the master's jails
Fight the master's minions and break the master's guns
Combat the master's power til his mastery is done
Til his mastery is done

Some people have mentioned that they interpret this song as an attack on Audrey Lorde, who originated the phrase "The master's tools will not dismantle the master's house". This is not the case. In fact, this song is an attack on those who would misuse Lorde's phrase to declaw radical movements. The book 'Pacifism As Pathology' by Ward Churchill was very influential on the lyrics to this song. Here is an excerpt from the book:

" They tell us you can’t use the master’s tools to dismantle the master’s house. I can’t tell you how many people have said this to me. I can, however, tell you with reasonable certainly that none of these people have ever read the essay from which the line comes: “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master’s House,” By Audrey Lorde (certainly no pacifist herself). The essay has noting to do with pacifism, but with the exclusion of marginalized voices from discourse ostensibly having to do with social change. If any of these pacifists had read her essay, they would have undoubtedly been horrified, because she is, reasonably enough, suggesting a multivaried approach to the multivarious problems we face.

It has always seemed clear to me that violent and nonviolent approaches to social change are complementary. No one i know who advocates the possibility of armed resistance to the dominant cultures degradation and exploitation rejects nonviolent resistance. Many of us routinely participate in the nonviolent resistance and support those for whom this is their only mode of opposition.

Who is it that says we should not use the master’s tools? Often it is Christians, Buddhists, or other adherents of civilized religions. It is routinely people who wish us to vote our way to justice or shop our way to sustainability. But civilized religions are tools used by the master as surely as is violence. So is voting. So is shopping. If we cannot use the tools used by the master, what tools, precisely, can we use? How about writing? No, sorry. Writing has long been a tool used by the master. So I guess we can’t use that. Well, how about discourse in general? Yes, those in power own the means of industrial discourse production, and those in power misuse discourse. Does that mean they own all discourse and we can never us it? Of Course not. they also own the means of industrial religion production, and they misuse religions. Does that mean they own all religion and we can never use it? Of course not. They own the means of industrial violent production, and they misuse violence. Does that mean they own all violence and we can never use it? Of course not.

But i have yet another problem with the statement that the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house, which is that it’s a terrible metaphor. It just doesn’t work. The first and most necessary condition for a metaphor is that it makes sense in the real world. This doesn’t.

You can use a hammer to build a house, and you can use a hammer to take it down.

It doesn’t matter whose hammer it is.

There’s an even bigger problem with the metaphor. What is perhaps its most fundamental premise. That the house belongs to the master. But there is no master, and there is no master’s house. There are no master’s tools. There is a person who believes himself a master. There is a house he claims is his. There are tools he claims as well. And there are those who still believe he is the master.

But there are others who do not buy into this delusion. There are those of us who see a man, a house, and tools. No more and now less."
Track Name: Stop Killing My Friends
Her dress is twisted round her neck, her limbs are all askew
She can't open her bloody eyes but she's staring straight at you
Bleeding in the street she mumbles through a broken jaw
“You'd probably kill a person if they did this to your dog”
Should she have been more careful? Should you have been aborted?
Who's gonna fix her broken face, you know she can't afford it
You threw away her dignity, you threw away her phone
You slip into the night and she stumbles home alone

She looks into the mirror and she doesn't see a boy
She doesn't see a girl, she sees a human void
They say suicide is painless but it takes a lot of guts
She wonders if it's worth it or if she should just give up

They say suicide is painless but it takes a lot of guts
She wonders if it's worth it or if she should just give up
They say suicide is painless but it takes a lot of guts
She wonders if it's worth it or if she should just give up

Wrap your fucking head around it
You don't own this fucking planet

All she fuckin wanted was to be a person too
Treated with compassion and respect where it was due
But you made her life a nightmare cuz she used to be a dude
And now my friend's a suicide and it's all because of you

All she fuckin wanted was to be a person too
Treated with compassion and respect where it was due
But you made her life a nightmare cuz she used to be a dude
And now my friend's a suicide and it's all because of you

All because of you